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For over 30 years, Steven L. Adams, MAI, SRA, has been a trusted name in the world of commercial real estate in Central Texas. As the proud proprietor of Texas Commercial Appraisals, he has successfully completed over 5,000 appraisals, earning him a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Steven has appraised a wide range of commercial properties, including apartments, offices, retail spaces, industrial buildings, hotels, special use properties, unimproved commercial lots and land, and farms & ranches. In addition to his appraisal services, Steven also offers commercial appraisal consulting and takes on litigation assignments. As one of the leading Austin, Texas commercial appraisers, he specializes in providing accurate valuations for as-is, as-Built, and as-Subdivided properties. 

Steven is among the few commercial appraisers in Austin, Texas who cover the entire state of Texas, with a specific focus on Austin and Central Texas. Steven understands the importance of providing exceptional value for his clients’ investments, and his pricing reflects this commitment. Clients can benefit from competitive fees for Austin, Texas commercial appraisals and expect fast turnaround delivery of appraisal reports.

By choosing Steven for their commercial appraisal needs, clients can expect a seamless and reliable experience with a professional who truly understands the complexities of the Central Texas real estate market.

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Commercial Appraisals

Our appraiser specializes in commercial properties, including retail spaces, office buildings, apartments, industrial facilities, unimproved land, and special purpose properties.
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Farm and Ranch Appraisals

In addition to commercial properties, our appraiser is well-versed in appraising commercial farm and ranch properties. He understands the unique aspects of agricultural and rural real estate.
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litigation Assignments

When it comes to litigation appraisal, our appraiser has the expertise to assist you. He understands the complexities of providing appraisal services for legal proceedings, such as disputes, property tax appeals and other litigation matters.
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Special Purpose Properties Appraiser

When it comes to assessing the value of unique and specialized properties, our Special Purpose Properties Appraiser stands out as an expert in the field. With a deep understanding of various real estate types.

Three Reasons to Work with US

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Texas is a vast and diverse state, with unique market conditions varying from region to region. By selecting a Texas commercial appraiser, you benefit from their deep understanding of the local market dynamics. They are well-versed in the intricacies of Texas real estate, including specific trends, regulations, and property values that can greatly impact your appraisal results.

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Extensive Network and Local Connections

A Texas commercial appraiser has built an extensive network of local connections throughout the state. These connections can prove invaluable when gathering accurate and up-to-date data, accessing relevant market insights, and ensuring a comprehensive analysis of your property. Their network encompasses real estate professionals, industry experts, and resources specific to Texas, giving you an edge in making informed decisions.

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Specialized Expertise in Texas Commercial Properties

Texas is known for its diverse commercial real estate landscape, ranging from bustling urban centers to vast rural areas. By choosing a Texas commercial appraiser, you gain access to their specialized expertise in appraising a wide range of property types unique to the state. Whether it’s retail spaces in Houston, office buildings in Dallas, or agricultural properties in rural areas, they possess the necessary knowledge and experience to accurately evaluate your specific property type.

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After discussing your specific appraisal needs, we will provide you with a bid and turnaround time that allows you to meet your deadlines.


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When you engage us to complete your appraisal assignment you can count on having a credible conclusion deliver in the agreed upon time frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A commercial real estate appraisal is an analysis of real property to determine the value of the property.  Anyone can order an appraisal.  The person that orders the appraisal is the client.  If you want a loan on a property, then the lender needs to order the appraisal directly from the appraiser, in order to comply with current federal regulations.
   Here are situations in which you need a real estate appraisal: ü Buying a property and need a loan from a bank or lender
ü Selling and not sure at what price you should list the property
ü For estate purposes, to establish a basis, divorce, mediation and arbitration, litigation
ü Some or all of your property is being condemned and you want to confirm that the offer amount from the condemning authority is fair and reasonable
ü Construction loan ü Development and subdivision of property ü Investment analysis
Other circumstances in which you need to know the current value or market rent of a property
Appraisers are licensed by the State of Texas.  Steven Adams is currently licensed with the State of Texas and is a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser.  Mr. Adams has completed the continuing education requirements for State of Texas certified general real estate appraisers.  Steven Adams has completed the continuing education program for designated members of the Appraisal Institute.
If you need a real estate appraisal, then call an experienced real estate appraiser you can trust.  Mr. Adams has 30+ years of experience in real estate appraisal, in the Central Texas area, in all property types and value ranges and will help you fulfill your appraisal needs.

Residential appraisals are prepared by licensed or certified residential appraisers and provide an estimate of the market value of a house, condominium, or townhome.
Residential appraisal reports are typically prepared on forms, approved by the lending community or secondary markets.

Commercial appraisals are prepared by a certified general appraiser.  The term “general” means that the appraiser is approved with the state to appraise all types of real property, including commercial.


Commercial appraisal reports are typically prepared as custom narrative formats, which include descriptions of the appraised property, neighborhood, the three approaches to value, comparable market data, maps, aerial photographs, and other exhibits in support of the appraisal process and the value conclusion.

After the appraisal is ordered, the appraiser and client schedule a convenient time to complete the on-site inspection.  Appraisers say “the more information the better”.  If you have a survey, site plan, building plans, copies of leases, and other documents relating to the property, these should be emailed or given to the appraiser at the inspection.  These documents will help the appraiser understand the property and prepare a more complete and accurate appraisal report.

After the appraiser completes the physical inspection of the property, he researches market data, which includes comparable sales and listings, and comparable rentals, as appropriate.  Sales are given more weight than listings because sales are an indication of marketplace activity and property owners can list their property for any amount, which is usually high.

Once this research phase has been completed, then the appraiser prepares the appraisal report on his computer, using a word processing program such as Word, a spreadsheet program such as Excel, and other software applications.

Arrangements are made to pay the appraiser and then the final report is delivered by the appraiser to the client.  This completes the appraisal assignment.  If the client has any questions after reviewing the appraisal report, they should contact the appraiser who will answer them promptly.  In my practice, I use a lot of email, to which I can attach files and provide links.  I am also available to visit with my clients by telephone.  My office is just one telephone call away.  Call or email me anytime.

Experience, ethics, and pride of authorship.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask search engines are good places to start in order to find a qualified and experienced appraiser.

If you need a loan, you must contact your lender directly.  Under federal regulations, the lender must order the appraisal directly from the appraiser.  As a borrower, you can request a copy of the appraisal upon completion of the report and after it is delivered to the lender.

    The four questions that clients usually ask are:
  • Do you have experience in appraising this type of property?
  • What is your fee for this service?
  • How long will it take to deliver the appraisal report?
  • Can you email me the final appraisal report?
Steven Adams has 30+ years of experience in appraising all property types in the Central Texas market and is qualified and confident to provide you with an accurate valuation of your property.  Fees vary depending upon the complexity of the property and the type of report format required.
Please contact this office for a fee quote and delivery schedule.  We will email the final report as a .pdf digital file to our client upon completion.  If the client needs a bound report, we can provide a hard copy in addition to the digital file.
When it comes to commercial real estate, one important term you need to be familiar with is the cap rate. Short for capitalization rate, the cap rate is a fundamental metric used to evaluate the potential return on investment for a commercial property. In simple terms, it represents the relationship between the property's net operating income (NOI) and its purchase price.
To calculate the cap rate, divide the property's NOI by its purchase price, and then multiply the result by 100 to express it as a percentage. The cap rate provides a snapshot of the property's income-generating potential and serves as a benchmark for comparing different investment opportunities. Generally, a higher cap rate indicates a higher potential return on investment.
Investors use the cap rate to assess the risk and profitability of a commercial property. A lower cap rate implies a lower risk but also potentially lower returns, as the property's price is higher relative to its income. Conversely, a higher cap rate suggests higher potential returns but may also indicate higher risk or lower market desirability.
It's important to note that cap rates can vary significantly depending on factors such as property type, location, market conditions, and the investor's risk tolerance. Therefore, it's crucial to work with a qualified commercial real estate appraiser, like Steven L. Adams, who possesses extensive experience and knowledge in evaluating properties and determining accurate cap rates.

A Commercial Real Estate Appraisal is necessary to determine the fair market value of a property. It provides an unbiased assessment of the property's worth, which is crucial for various purposes such as buying or selling, obtaining financing, insurance purposes, taxation, and legal proceedings.